Story 1: The Tournament (An audio and still picture story.)

At Cabrini University, this was one of my first visual story assignments directed under Dawn Francis. 

Story Description. 

An underdog is destined to make his legacy when the moment is right. This is the story of Mike Furuta, and how he became the most powerful person in the room. Mike undergoes fierce competitors and many people who out skill him in the game of Super Smash Bros. Mike has his eyes on a grand prize of $20. While that might not be a lot for many people, Mike needs this jackpot to expand his precious belt buckle collection. While observing this story you will see Mike undergo the most stressful beatings from the game as he crawls on his hands and knees to the top to fight the most notorious competitor.

Story 2 - Rocking to the Future

This was by far my favorite project working under Dawn Francis. This opportunity was possible for my partner at the time Alex Monteiro (Cabrini Class of 2021).

Story Description. 

Jessica Craft is the founder and CEO of Rock to the Future. She always had a vision of music in her future. Jessica found herself spreading her love of music to children in need of an escape in 2009 when she started Rock to the Future in a church basement with little funding and staff. Rock to the Future blossomed along with Jessica’s passion for sharing music, becoming the successful business it is today.
Rock to the Future runs during the school year and provides free music education to underserved Philadelphia youth. Students receive weekly music lessons as well as homework help and school lunches. After ten years, Jess was able to expand to multiple areas in Philadelphia in order to reach out to more students. There are two programs currently running: one in Kensington, PA area and one in Germantown, PA area.
Jess quit her job in a business firm after realizing that it was not something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. After receiving a grant to bring more ideas to help those in Philadelphia. The small grant was able to jumpstart a program that Jess is passionate about while giving students a chance to succeed in school and music literacy.

Story 3 - Living in Fear

While working under Dawn Francis, "Story 3 - Living in Fear" quickly became my hardest project on an emotional scale. Thanks to Juliet Jacob (Cabrini Class of 2022) and Josh Sanchez (Cabrini Class of 2020) this project came together smoothly.

Story Description. 

What would happen if DACA changes? This is the effect of living with the threat of deportation. Catalina Rodrigez is only 19 and despite living in the United States since she was young she lives with the threat of deportation. This is a story of how Catalina feels every day of her life with her dreams just an impossible arms reach away from her.

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